Unaffiliated Finnish charity takes your support to those who need it most

The Children of Zimbabwe Society supports the education and general well-being of some 400
children in Zimbabwe. As is the practice in Zimbabwe, the orphaned children live with their extended
families. However, they can rarely afford to pay for the children to go to school or get medical help.
Only too often they cannot even afford to pay for their food.

You can help the children go to school safely in their own community!
Get to know us!

Get to know us!

Our program aims to meet the basic needs of children in a comprehensive way
Become a sponsor!

Become a sponsor!

As a sponsor, you help to build a meaningful future for a child.
Volunteering and internships

Volunteering and internships

Our work is rooted in volunteering, both in Finland and in Zimbabwe!
What makes us


  • The Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society has neither political nor religious affiliation.
  • Donations go in full to support the children in our programme in Zimbabwe.
  • In Finland, the low administrative expenses are covered by membership fees and all work is done by volunteers.
  • Our community centre in Dzivarasekwa, a poor suburb of Harare, provides a daily hot meal for the children and gives them a safe place where they are given extra lessons and IT tutoring, enjoy music, singing and sports, and receive guidance for their daily lives.

  • We support sustainable development through our tree planting and environmental awareness project.
  • Our 25 years’ experience of working with orphaned children in Dzivarasekwa has given us valuable local knowledge.
  • We are highly respected in both Zimbabwe and Finland. Dzikwa Trust Fund is recognized as one of the top charitable organizations in Zimbabwe (2018).
  • You, too, can get involved in a way that suits you. By making a donation, working as a volunteer or sponsoring a child of your own.

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