Cultural activities and hobbies provide a way for children to learn and express themselves

Cultural activities is frequent and active and cultural talents involve a lot of talented children and youth. Through these activities, children can cherish the country’s rich cultural heritage and find new ways to express themselves. Cultural groups gather to practice in the activity center on Saturdays. The dance group enjoys the rhythm provided by marimbas and drums, the choir practices various chords and songs, and the drama group is immersed in drama-exercises. The teachers include Dzikwa teachers and local artists. Each child is taken to a cinema or a cultural tour at least once a year, for example, to see Great Zimbabwe ruins.

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Successful appearances
The artistic performance of our groups combines music, dance, and drama. It draws from the rich Zimbabwean tradition. These skillful groups perform both for visitors at the activity center, as well as various events elsewhere. Examples of these are the Harare’s cultural festival’s youth arena, the stage of Harare’s REPS theater, City Library, and events hosted by St. John Ambulance and Birdlife Zimbabwe. The performances have been greatly appreciated even by the press. Their success has proven that proper nurturing of the potential and innate strengths of these individuals will yield top performance.
Enjoying sports and games
Sports and other hobbies play an important role in children’s lives. With friends, it’s fun to play and get away for a while from otherwise challenging everyday life. The action center’s ball field is in constant use, and there is plenty of bustles every day. Bigger kids are playing basketball and tennis, boys are playing football, and smaller kids are competing in Zimbabwean version of dodgeball. We provide for a wide range of sports activities for children by purchasing proper shoes, clothing and needed equipment. Donations are important to maintain these activities.
Harare International Cultural Festival is the highlight of the year
Zimbabwe’s annual cultural festival, Harare International Festival of Arts, or HIFA in early May, is one of the highlights for children in Dzikwa. Dzikwa’s marimba and dance group of around 30 performers have performed at the festival’s youth arena every year since 2009. In 2014, our marimba group won the competition. Children of Dzikwa also receive free tickets to the event and so can follow the performances. See the video about the Marimba Competitions atmosphere in HIFA Festivals on Dzikwa Trust’s YouTube channel.
Football at Dzikwa Soccer Academy’s Teams
With the help of the German Harare e.V., a goal-oriented football club Dzikwan Soccer Academy was launched for children. There are four teams for those under 18 years old, and one team for over 18 years of age. Our teams practice hard and play in tournaments against teams from nearby areas. Success has also come along nicely. In 2014, 115 games were played, of which Dzikwa won 61 and tied in 33.
The official sports day is held annually in the stadium
Once a year, children can practice and compete in traditional athletics in a spectacular setting at Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium in Harare. This autumn sports day offers an atmosphere and experience of a great sports event, as children have formed teams and compete in a fair play spirit. The event has an important role to play as a creator of our collective spirit and at the same time introduces Dzikwa’s activities to others, local businesses for example. The first sports event was held in 2002 and has become an important tradition that all children are looking forward to.