Forest, food supply and connecting with nature
Our 60-hectare forest rented from the city of Harare is located in Dzivarasekwa. The main goals of this project and soil improvement program include our ability to ensure the availability of firewood for the use of the community, harvesting vegetables and fruits, improving the crops of local farmers, and providing environmental education for children. The project was launched with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Our collaborators include the Ministry of Forestry of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Agriculture of Zimbabwe, the Bindura University of Science Education and the VITRI (Viikki Tropical Resources Institute) of the University of Helsinki.

The project includes, among others, cultivation of seedlings, planting of fast-growing trees for the purchase of firewood, planting of other sustainable local crops, creating models and finding practical means of synergy between forests and agriculture, such as planting field crops, fruit trees, beekeeping and providing environmental information. In the future also small-scale projects for wood processing.

Tree seedlings are grown in our own nursery
Our 300 m² square covered nursery grows seedlings for planting. The capacity of the nursery is for over 60,000 trees a year. Most of the seedlings are fast-growing eucalyptus trees. For the environmental project, we have received support from the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s development funds of € 68,000 for 2011-2013 and € 67,500 for 2014-2016.
Nature and study trips
One way to reward good performers and hard-working students is to take them on excursions to explore Zimbabwe’s nature and wildlife. Sponsors can also take children on a trip. One popular excursion destination is Chipangal’s wildlife orphanage, where children get to meet, for example, lions, leopards, and rhinos. Other destinations include Imire Safari Ranch, the Lion Park, Bulawayo Natural History Museum, and the Antelope Park. These excursions are memorable and unique experiences that help children to keep up in heavy everyday life.

You can also donate directly to FI76 1745 3000 0616 40, with reference 1135.