Daily meals

A warm meal for a child

The warm meal we offer is the only decent daily meal for many Dzivarasekwa children’s. At home, children can have, for example, a cup of tea and some bread in the morning, but there is no lunch at school, so children will come and eat in our activity center. The daily meal consists of sadza (corn stew), vegetables and a small portion of either meat, fish, beans or green vegetables. Maize and vegetables can also be obtained from our own land. In addition to the children involved in the support program, we also offer lunch to other disadvantaged children in the neighborhood. Since classes are either in the morning or afternoon, children will have lunch on weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm and on weekends between 11 am and 1.30pm.
We have done our best to provide for a warm meal since 2003 when it was first cooked in the shed behind one of the schools using an open fire. Since November 2010, Dzikwa has been operating the well-equipped kitchen and proper dining room at the Dzikwa’s activity center. The kitchen-diner – the building was built with the help of the state-funded project grants, and much help was also obtained from Scotland and Germany. Furniture and equipment were donated by schools in Espoo’s Hansakallio and Tähtiniity, as well as Klaukkala School, all in Finland.

You can also donate directly to FI76 1745 3000 0616 40, with reference 1038.

The kitchen is staffed by four Dzikwa children’s single mothers and one former student of Dzikwa. Behind the building, there is a small vegetable garden, which provides green vegetables to be used for daily meals. We also grow some maize for the needs of our kitchen. Sometimes we also get food supplies donated to us by local food entrepreneurs and private individuals, such as rice, chicken, cooking oil and bread.