Our local partner

Dzikwa Trust Fund

Dzikwa Trust Fund, employing a small number of recruited staff, is responsible for the practical application of our activities in the field. Dzikwa is an abbreviation of Dzivarasekwa and means ”strong foundation” or ”well rooted” in the Shona language. Established in 2002, Dzikwa Trust Fund has the task of planning, managing, implementing and controlling our child support activities. Children of Zimbabwe Society channels all donations it collects directly to Dzikwa Trust, which is a major contributor to securing orphan’s schooling and well-being in Dzivarasekwa, as well as a major employer in this poor suburb. People rely on Dzikwa in many ways and schools and children’s caretakers know Dzikwa well.
Effective Operative Team

Finnish founders and directors, Seppo Ainamo and Oili Wuolle lead Dzikwa Trust Funds’ operational team in Zimbabwe, supervise the implementation of support delivery and financial management and coordinate fundraising, networking and PR.

Dzikwa Trust Operational staff includes:

  • Centre Coordinator, Procurement Officer & Fundraiser Priscilla Takawira: supervising the Activity Centre and Dzikwa Kitchen, handling bulk procurement, coordinating tertiary students’ scholarship, annual sports events and fundraising initiatives in Zimbabwe
  • Accountant Prince Samson: financial accounts, budgeting, banking, cash managing and financial reporting
  • Education Field Officer Levita Chenera: Children’s primary and secondary schooling and general wellbeing, relationships with all schools, government officials and other stakeholders in education
  • Education Assistant Field Officer Rumbidzai Chisamu: Assistant to Education Field Officer, coordinating all e-learning facilitation
  • Edu4Talent Coordinator, Shelter supervisor Natasha Rimura: Special project for securing corporate scholarships and good employability skills for tertiary students, Dzikwa Shelter management
  • IT-teacher Wayne Mucheka: responsible for digital skills training and connectivity at the Centre
  • Culture Coordinator Alouis Sagota: Responsible for performing arts activities and for extra lessons for secondary students
  • Dzikwa Trust also employs 5 kitchen staff, 4 security guards, 2 cleaning personnel, 1 groundsman, 5 field workers in the Re-forestation & Food Security project

In addition, Dzikwa Trust’s operations frequently include volunteers and interns both from Zimbabwe and abroad.


Operations are supervised by the board of Dzikwa Trust Fund

Dzikwa Trust was chaired by Stephen J. Chifunyise , former Secretary of the Ministry of Education, cultural artist and country’s most famous playwriter from 2002 until his passing on in 2019.  The Chairperson currently is Mrs. Marah Hativagone, and members are: Mr. Stephen Gwasira, Finnish founder Seppo Ainamo and Ms. Sharon Wallett. Local Authorized Auditors (Registered Public Auditors), Ralph Bomment, from Greenacre & Reynolds is responsible for external auditing of Dzikwa Trust financial accounts.

Friends of Dzikwa Society

Our partner

The Friends of Dzikwa Society is responsible for local fundraising and was established in May 2009 as an open non-governmental organization in Zimbabwe. The association is registered as a private voluntary organization (PVO), registration no: 10/2014. The purpose of the association is to support the operations of the Dzikwa Trust Fund and to raise funds and other resources in Zimbabwe. The Chairman is Mr Stephen Gwasira. Other board members are:  Mrs. Priscilla Takawira, Mr. Douglas Mawere, Mrs. Viola Chasi, Mrs. Shuvai Mugadza, Mrs. Selina Chiruzi and Mrs. Chipo Dikanifuwa.

You can also see Dzikwa Notarial Deed of Trust , Friends of Dzikwa statute , and Friends of Dzikwa Society Facebook-page.