Supporting education

The support provided by the association and Dzikwa for children is an aid program enabling them to attend school. All the children involved in the program live in a very poor and densely populated Harare district, Dzivarasekwa. Children usually attend the public schools in the area. Zimbabwe school network is comprehensive, but all schooling costs. Children’s families are very poor and can not afford to pay school fees or for school uniforms. Compulsory fees include:

  • Tuition fees
  • The exam fees
  • Fees set up by school support associations
  • School maintenance fees
  • Other fees for books, practical materials, school renovation or new investments, and teacher salaries
  • school uniforms, shoes, and sportswear

Definition of Orphan in Zimbabwe

The children are either full or half-orphans or abandoned by their parents if they have lost at least one of their parents (usually father). Children live with their relatives in the so-called extended family community.

Motivated learners

We aim to include in our program orphan children who are talented and eager to learn. Most often the school principals or equivalent teachers have recommended them to us. In some cases, the children themselves or their guardians have heard of our program from children already involved, and have thus approached us directly. Before we approve anyone to the program, we carefully study the unique situation of each child. For example, we are going to find out about their family background, visiting their homes, and look into their school performance. The children must meet five requirements in order to be eligible:

  1. The child is an orphan or half-orphan.
  2. The child has started or is about to start school at Dziwarasekwa.
  3. Parental custodian is unable to pay school fees.
  4. The child succeeds in school at a moderate pace.
  5. The child behaves very well and is excited about learning.

Education for 400 Children

The total number of children is being kept up to 400 children. This way the people in charge of the program personally know the home conditions, school achievements and qualities of each child. We keep a data sheet and photographs of each individual child.

Important factors in choosing how can join and stay in the support program include being talented, hardworking, good behavior and commitment to Dzikwa. The financial support provided is a reward for motivated school work. The Dzikwa team collects child school papers at the end of each semester, and the results are fed into our systems. 2/3 of our children are girls, because we believe girls have a key role to play in creating a positive and just future. Investing in girls’ education is an investment for the future.

Education is a pathway to a better life. Get involved in supporting children’s schooling !